Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fight to Become Friends

Marriage is not for the fant of heart. You must be willing to go into the ring time and time again fighting to become better friends. Unfortunately, when most married people fight, they use the opportunity to stack another reason to hate the person, or to think of getting a divorce.

In all actuality, when couples are in a disagreement it opens up an opportunity for them to learn what the other needs. If we want to be closer to our mate, we must be more willing to do things that will please them. Oftentimes, we're looking more towards our needs and have little desire to reach out to our loved one.

If we must fight, we must know that fighting is not the worse thing, if we really care about the other person and pay attention to what is upsetting them, we very well may be able to learn what we need to do to help desolve some of the chaos that causes us to fight in the first place.

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