Monday, November 24, 2008


The thing that is so wonderfully amazing about relationships is that they are fluid. They are never out of flux. We must remember that when we find ourselves wanting things to be "the way they were." It is not realistic to expect relationships to change when that's all that people do on a consistent basis--change.

Change is an inevitable part of the growth process. Although seemingly the hardest thing to do, change often comes easy once acceptance is partnered with it. It is easy to change when we accept that change is a part of being a human being. We are not solely driven by our instincts. We can make choices and make the decision to stick with or abandon any choice we may make.

Choosing to stick with the choices we make is what the book Get Out of the Way! Claim God's Will for Your Marriage, is all about. Staying married is important and vital to America's existence. Everything in America is geared toward the family unit. The subsequent breakdown of moral obligation has left the family in a bad situation. The financial crisis we are now experiencing is a direct result of people not sticking to their committments.

We must continue to be amazed by our ability to change and allow amazing things to happen when we do.


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